Who am I?

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Hey! I am Matty, and I am a Maker!

Since I was young I was taught by my family how to make everything on my own. From making a fire to building the chair I would later sit on so that I could toast the sausages over the fire. My dad is very handyman and so I’ve grown too. And I got a chance to learn electronics early in my life what combined with my manual skills and access to the internet made me a Maker.

I also enjoyed ballroom dancing for the big part of my growing up. I used to win competitions and climb the latter. And we’ve actually made to the A-class both Standard and Latin. But to this day I enjoy the most not dancing for referees, but for the people. That’s why I pushed myself to make the most entertaining and fun show dance for the people to enjoy. I’ve edited the music, and with my amazing dance partner, we’ve made the best show what we could at 16 years old. Check out @dancermatty on Instagram!

At 17 years of age, I started a part-time job as a wedding and other occasions cameraman under a skilled filmmaker. I’ve learned how to capture video and how to edit a film.

At 19 years old I wanted to learn about finances. As I know the basics of programming in Arduino C++ and C# I figured I would programme a trading algorithm that would trade cryptocurrencies on a Binance Exchange. I’ve spent the next 4 months of my life trying to get it working but unfortunately, I’ve not managed to finish the algorithm before burnout. I lost a bunch of money and nearly ruined my life in the chase for money. But in the process learned key skills that would later prove to be the most important in my life.  Skills that would nobody taught me otherwise.

After that I moved to Prague, exhausted and depressed by the failure I figured I don’t want to chase money working in a shady business. Rather I want to make money the right way and by doing the things I am the greatest on the planet. So I started to do what I love instead. To make stuff. And dance! And recently the best job ever – combining the two together. Thus the MakerMatty was born.

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