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Who am I?

 Switch to an English version of the web Hey! I am Matty, and I am a Maker! Since I was young I was taught by my family how to make everything on my own. From making a fire to building the chair I would later sit on so that I could toast the... pokračovat ve čtení

Thank you Josef Prusa for building the PrusaLab

For everybody that’s reading my blog, I would like to thank Josef Prusa for creating the PrusaLab. It’s a base camp for me many more makers in Prague, enabling us to create the Maker movement in the Czech Republic. Without PrusaLab I wouldn’t be able to do my passions and because of that, I... pokračovat ve čtení

Maker Faires of the Czech Republic

  Zobrazit příspěvek na Instagramu   Let’s talk about Maker Faires in the Czech Republic · MAKER FAIRES · For the next couple of projects I need to tell you about some things. And that is – what represents Maker Faires and what is Nerdy Derby. · In short Maker Faires are big Maker... pokračovat ve čtení

Making Robotics Stuff

Be sure to read the post descriptions!   Zobrazit příspěvek na Instagramu   #5 PROJECT LINEFOLLOWER #1 Linefollowers are my thing. · This one is back from 2017, when I met my very good friend @newman_cz, that taught me everything about line following including what PID regulators are, that gave me the base mathematical... pokračovat ve čtení